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Welcome Note

The Danubius National Boating Club, the Hungarian Rowing Association  is proud to present the season opening 32. count István Széchenyi Memorial Regatta and the 12. International Budapest Cup Regatta long distance head race for eights, women quads and singles.

The count István Széchenyi Memorial Regatta has been for more than 30 years, the official season opening regatta of the Hungarian rowing season.

The International Budapest Cup Regatta, is the only international head regatta of Hungary. Besides high performance competitors, who are training for international level, master teams represent the greatest number at the starting line. University and junior teams compete also in the 3.6 km race.

The regatta of 2023 has been a great success with over 80 teams at the starting line from 11 countries in and out of the region.

2024 marks a special year for Hungarian rowing. After decades, Hungary will host the European Rowing Championships and the European Olympic and Paralympic Qualification Regatta in Szeged, between 25-28th of April 2024.

Before the highest international level athletes arrive to Szeged, we look forward to help bring rowers together from the neighbouring countries as a lead up to the event, to have a great time, while promoting and developing the regions rowing sport.

We hope that you will come and race or just visit us in the depo area with family and friends and we will have a great day watching an excellent rowing event.

Mr. Ottó Cseh

President of Hungarian Rowing Association

Mr. Gergely Vanczák

President of Danubius National Boating Club

Main event of the day: the Eights

The greatest of all rowing boats used for flat water racing is the coxed eight. We love it! It give the purest sensation of rowing when the team is moving in one direction. The event is organised for all categories, from U17 to masters categories, also for universities.

Enter in the men’s, women’s or the mixed category.

Only for ladies: the coxless Quadrupple sculls

Women can enter besides the eight also in the quadrupple sculls. The event was first organised to attract women teams to the BPC, as generally less women rowed, to make a suitable option for those who cannot find a women or mixed eight.

Today it is an event for those who want to participate, but don’t want to enter the eights, or row only scull boats.

For the toughest rowers: the Singles

In 2022 we organised the head race also for men and women singles scullers. As the Danube is hard to navigate with current and as in the early season everybody is a bit rusty, the event is for the thoughest rowers. One category for men and one for women, get ready for a uniqe experience.

The possible entry numbers are limited to 30 entries total.

Rowing together: Ergometer Race for Special Athletes

For almost two decades the Danubius National Boating Club is partnering with the Hungarian Down Foundation and organises rowing sessions for the athletes in the care of the Foundation.

As part of the Budapest Cup Regatta top rowing athletes row together a 250m ergometer race in pairs with athletes of the Down Foundation. Inclusivity is part of the event.

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